Gregg v Georgia
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Background: a petitioner Troy Gregg, was charged with commiting armed robbery, and murder.the trail was in two stages a guilt stage and a sentencing stage. Based on the evidence that he had killed a robbed two men. he was found guilty of two counts of armed robbery and two counts of murder. The penalty was a death sentence or life in prison. it would be murder if it was found beyond a reasonable doubt that (1) that the murder was commited while the offender was engaged in the commison of other capital felonies and the armed robberies of victims;(2) that he commited the murder for the purpose of recieving the victims money and automobile;(3) that the murder was "outrageously" and vile, horrible, and inhuman that involves the depratives of the line of the defendant". The Jury found the first two of these offenses to be true; therefore, went back to the death sentence. after viewing the trial transcript and recored and comapring the edvidence in simalar cases the court upheld the death sentences for the murders.
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Constitutional significance of this case:
the punishment of death for the crime of murder does not violate the 8th a 14th amendment. the 8th amendment forbids the use of punishment that is exssive either beacause it involves unessaray infliction of pain or because it is grossly dispoportioned to the sevarity of the crime. in 1972 the supreme court had declared the death penalty was unconstitutional. over the next few years since this case was brought up there was a change in attitude towards capital punishment.

Decision/ Precedent: this changed how our sociaty implies the death penalty based on the states courts.

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Important terms:

external image murder_scene.pngDeath Penalty- capital punishment
Armed Robbery- robbery in which the robber is armed with a dangerous wepon
Murder- the killing of another human being
Inhumane- lacking qualitys of sympathy, pitty, warmth, and compasion
Unconstitutional- not constitutinal
Guilty- having commited an offense, crime, violation or wrong

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